Denis Aleinikov participated in the roundtable discussion
“Justice and economy: interaction and interinfluence”
Aleinikov&Partners has been supporting Mapbox' entry
into Belarusian market
Denis Aleinikov became one of the TOP-50 people
of Belarusian IT industry in 2017
Dmitry Matveyev spoke at the International Forum
on Banking Information Technologies “BankIT'2017”
Denis Aleinikov is included in the Presidential Council
for entrepreneurship development
Denis Aleinikov participated in discussion on blockchain
within the framework of the forum "Business of the Future'2017"
Denis Aleinikov moderated IT panel discussion
at Belarusian Investment Forum'2017
Aleinikov&Partners finalized the M&A transaction
between Google and the resident of Belarusian Hi-Tech Park - AIMATTER company
Denis Aleinikov about smart contracts:
"Implementation and legalization of smart contracts can be real revolutionary breakthrough"
Dmitry Matveyev gave a lecture in HTP business incubator
within the framework of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses
A&P will support two social projects
presented at Social Weekend hackathon
Denis Aleinikov is recommended among the best lawyers
in dispute resolution practice in Belarus
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