Real estate and construction

Real Estate

  1. complex legal support of the investors’ interests during the process of real estate purchase and state registration of rights (from negotiations stage – till closing of bargain and acquiring entitling and other documents); 

  2. examination of legality of origin of rights on real estate objects; 

  3. assessment of legal risks, affiliated with real property purchase / disposal; 

  4. drafting of contracts; 

  5. consulting on tax efficiency of real estate bargains. 


  1. advice of investor on choice of optimal scheme of development activities; 

  2. analysis of the legal regime of plots of land and legitimacy of origin of rights on it; drafting of construction, shared construction contracts, joint operation agreements, etc.; 

  3. drafting of investment contracts, representation of interests of Client in the negotiation process on conciliation of investment contracts provisions; 

  4. advice during all stages of construction projects on obtaining of enabling documentation from state agencies, drafting of tender documents; 

  5. support of the process of obtaining the special permit (license) on construction activities. 
Victor TanaevskyChairman of Board of Directors, Kapsch Telematic Services (Belarus)

Victor Tanaevsky
Chairman of Board of Directors, Kapsch Telematic Services (Belarus)

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to "Aleinikov&Partners" law firm for legal support which has been rendered in regard to implementation and operation of the national electronic tolling system for motor vehicles on roads of Belarus. In the person of this law firm we acquired a reliable partner.

Victoria DankoDirector of the Foreign Enterprise "McDonald's Restaurants"

Victoria Danko
Director of the Foreign Enterprise "McDonald's Restaurants"

We would like to thank «Aleinikov&Partners» law firm for the expertly rendered services on investment law.

Andrus KohaDirector of Olympic Casino Bel

Andrus Koha
Director of Olympic Casino Bel

Cooperation with such professionals forms the highest opinion of the whole system of rendering services in the Republic of Belarus.

National Agency of Investment and Privatization

Consortium of Ernst & Young, Ernst & Young Legal Services and Aleinikov & Partners law firm was chosen by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus and the National Agency of Investment and Privatization to be a consultant on implementation of the Pilot Privatization Project in regard to OJSC «Minsk Margarine Plant» and confectionery «Konfa» (OJSC).

A&P provided legal advice on the issue of construction of MINSK WORLD complex

Aleinikov&Partners provided legal advice to one of the companies of Dana Holdings Group on the issue of conclusion of agreement with the foreign prime contractor on comprehensive planning of experimental multifunctional complex MINSK WORLD

~$200 mln project of Investment Fund of Qatar Armed Forces

"Aleinikov&Partners" is a legal counsel to "Falcon" Investment Fund of Qatar Armed Forces in regard to a range of issues related to construction of multi-purpose hotel and sports complex in Minsk estimated at ~$200 mln