Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, neural networks, AI have become, perhaps, the main agenda of the XXI century for humanity. This is due to the fact, that AI is not just another way of automation, but a cardinal transformation of all spheres of life.

The questions, raised by artificial intelligence technologies, are often at the crossroads of jurisprudence with ethics and even philosophy and require us to apply a systematic and multidisciplinary approach to their resolution. Answers to these questions are complex, but necessary, as more and more countries adopt national strategies in the field of artificial intelligence. Aleinikov & Partners team worked through the concept of introducing the so-called “digital person” into the Belarusian legislation as an entity with certain rights and civil obligations, as well as issues, related to the ownership of rights to objects, created in full or partially by neural networks, including their security.

What we can help with:

  • Development of a monetization model for a project, based on AI technologies;
  • Formalization and transfer of rights to training datasets;
  • Usage of third-party IP neural networks for training, as well as user-generated content;
  • Personal data issues in training neural networks;
  • The usage of AI in healthcare, as well as of medical data.

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Advising the American cartographic company Mapbox on the acquisition of the Belarusian startup Mapdata.

Advising AIMatter, a maker of the Fabby computer vision app, on M&A with Google - the transaction became the first of its kind when a world's top technology corporation acquired a Belarus-born company.

Advising Masquerade Technologies, a maker of the innovative MSQRD app acquired by Facebook, on IP rights formalization, corporate law and raising investments for the project.

Advising LungPass, a product of Healthy Networks, on raising a funding round from both the Singaporean Verge Healthtech Fund 1 and Estonian Sentosa Capital.

More projects

Victoria DankoDirector of the Foreign Enterprise "McDonald's Restaurants"

Victoria Danko
Director of the Foreign Enterprise "McDonald's Restaurants"

We would like to thank «Aleinikov&Partners» law firm for the expertly rendered services on investment law.

Oleg RogovenkoFounder of Awem Games

Oleg Rogovenko
Founder of Awem Games

Aleinikov&Partners proved as the team of high-skilled and experienced professionals who can quickly come up with a decision on any legal matters concerning the activity of HTP's resident and growth IT company. Their best quality is the systematic approach to the solution of the assigned tasks. They are trying not only to solve the current issue but anticipate the result of the situation. Exceptional specialists moving the company forward. It's a real pleasure to cooperate with them.

Eduard GramovichDirector of British-American Tobacco Trading Company

Eduard Gramovich
Director of British-American Tobacco Trading Company

Profound legal knowledge and creative approach of the professionals working in «Aleinikov&Partners» law firm make them offer ingenious and accurate legal solutions even on the most complicated cases.

Aleinikov&Partners advised on Melesta Games – Wargaming deal

Aleinikov&Partners finalized the transaction between the law firm's Client, renown Belarusian mobile games developer Melesta Games and Wargaming, the developer of extremely popular World of Tanks. As a result of the last four months of hard work a strategic cooperation contract between two companies was signed.

China Merchants China-Belarus Commerce&Logistics Corporation CJSC

Aleinikov&Partners Law Firm provided legal support concerning incorporation of the joint venture company - China Merchants China-Belarus Commerce&Logistics Corporation CJSC.

~$200 mln project of Investment Fund of Qatar Armed Forces

Aleinikov&Partners is a legal counsel of "Falcon" Investment Fund of Qatar Armed Forces on a wide range of issues related to construction of multi-purpose hotel and sports complex in Minsk estimated at ~$200 mln