13 May 2019

Denis Aleinikov to serve on the Council for Enterpreneurship Development under the auspice of the President of Belarus


Aleinikov&Partners’ senior partner Denis Aleinikov has joined the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship under the President of the Republic of Belarus (new convocation). The membership in the Council was approved by Decree №173 «On improving the activities of the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship», which was signed by Alexander Lukashenko on May 11.

It is noted that the document has been adopted with the aim of enhancing the representatives of the business community participation in developing measures to regulate entrepreneurial activity, attract investment and stimulate economic development.

In addition to the updated membership, Decree №173 establishes the addition-al powers of the Council. In particular, it has the right to make proposals to state bodies and organizations for improving both regulatory legal acts and the practice of their application. The Council will also coordinate the activities of regional Councils for Development of Entrepreneurship. The Council is al-lowed to accumulate information about the conditions of doing business in the regions and, if necessary, participate in solving problematic issues together with local authorities.

The First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Turchin will continue to preside over the Council.

Earlier, Denis Aleinikov was a member of the Council of 2017 convocation under the Decree of the President of October 10, 2017 № 370 «On the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship».