15 Oct 2019

President of Belarus Holds Meeting on Country’s Development in Digital Sphere

Denis Aleinikov, Senior Partner at Aleinikov & Partners, took part in the meeting of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on the development of Belarus in the digital sphere.

One of the issues raised within the discussion was the creation of an innovative higher education institution in Belarus for IT specialists, entrepreneurial Hi-Tech University. According to the First Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Turchin, this proposal is due to the need to organize preparation of students of new mentality in the country. “The world economy under the influence of information technologies is becoming quite different ... Belarus has always been famous for its people, while our education has always been valued among post-Soviet countries ... But we need specialists of a completely different quality for successful digital transformation and creation of a new economy. We do not yet prepare such specialists,” Alexander Turchin reported to the President.

Денис Алейников на совещании Президента по развитию Беларуси в цифровой сфере

Alexander Lukashenko supported the idea of creating a pilot Hi-Tech University. At the same time, the head of state noted that it is not so much programmers for IT companies that one should prepare but creative people who will create an innovative product for different industries with the help of new technologies.

The discussion was held with the participation of heads of government, the President's Administration, representatives of government agencies, leading educational institutions, IT sector, Hi-Tech Park.

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