OneSoil raised $500,000 in a seed round

новая.jpeg The Belarusian agri-tech startup OneSoil raised $500,000 from the consortium of investors including venture fund Haxus (Yuri Hurski, Aleksey Hubarev) and angel investors Yuri Melnichek (; AIMATTER) and Leonid Lozner (founder of EPAM) in a seed round. Aleinikov&Partners provided overall legal support to the consortium of investors on investing in OneSoil.

Previously, the startup financed the development from its own funds. But with the help of money raised from the investors the development of new solutions in the field of agriculture will pass to a qualitatively new level.

Aleinikov&Partners' team included partner Dmitry Matveyev and senior associate Ksana Sidoruk.

Nowadays OneSoil is developing a platform for precision farming. The platform helps to monitor areas under crops, plan operations, increase yields and, finally, save resources with the help of artificial intelligence. OneSoil uses sensors on agricultural machinery, its own drone, "flying wing" and a gasoline helicopter, as well as data from space satellites and aerial photography from open sources to collect information about the fields.