29 Sep 2017

Denis Aleinikov moderated IT panel discussion at Belarusian Investment Forum'2017

On September 28, 2017 in Minsk was opened the two-day Belarusian Investment Forum – one of the most large-scale business occasions which brought together in a format of open dialogue representatives of international and foreign financial institutions (EBRD, IFC, EXIAR, etc.), private foreign investors, representatives of government (Ministry of Economics, NAIP, National Bank, etc.), national business and expert community.

At the forum experts discussed strategies to attract foreign investment in Belarus, investment, technological and human resources of the country, government measures to maintain business and investment activity.

Senior partner of Aleinikov&Partners Denis Aleinikov moderated the panel discussion “IT sector of the Republic of Belarus”. The experts also participated in the discussion are following: Alexander Martinkevich (HTP Belarus), Anna-Maria Treneva (Facebook), Yuri Melnichek (IT-entrepreneur), Vladimir Kuchinsky (National Bank), Anton Myakishev (Microsoft), Alexander Chekan (Haxus;

During the discussion experts talked about the role of IT sector in the current economy of Belarus, about the problems and perspectives of its development in terms of structural and legal reforms as well as about what should be done in the country to take a big leap forward in the IT sphere.

Denis Aleinikov said that when "the economies of all countries have entered the race of legal jurisdictions for creating comfortable conditions for IT sphere", the role of the legal ecosystem for these businesses goes to the first place: "We understand that nobody can be pushed to come to us to do IT business and nobody can be forced to leave to do IT business, as well as to attract someone. It’s possible to win this race only by creating conditions, including legal ones, better than in the countries-competitors for investments, for brains, for technology."

"... today we live in very interesting time - time when new relations between IT sector and the state are changing and new ones are being built up, a new decree is being prepared, aimed at a digital transformation of the economy as a whole. In this context we see that brands not even of IT companies – but brands of IT-countries, IT-nations appear in the world. Singapore today says that they are the world's brand, Smart Nation, Israel is a brand, Startup Nation. Belarus today also wants to say that for itself it is already a brand, an IT-country, and wants to be such a brand for the world, an IT-country, and to carry this message into the world," the expert said.

The organizers of the forum are the National Agency of Investment and Privatization, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus.