25 Aug 2017

Aleinikov&Partners finalized the M&A transaction between Google and the resident of Belarusian Hi-Tech Park - AIMATTER company


The search and Android giant Google has acquired AIMATTER, a startup founded in Belarus that has built both a neural network-based AI platform and SDK to detect and process images quickly on mobile devices, and a photo and video editing app that has served as a proof-of-concept of the tech, Techcrunch reports.

Overall legal assistance to AIMATTER in M&A transaction was provided by Aleinikov&Partners law firm.

image description
image description

AIMATTER is a maker of the Fabby computer vision app that uses AI technology to instantly recognize and process facial characteristics the way humans do. Fabby uses filters to identify different parts of a selfie and aptly applies hairstyle, makeup, and backgrounds. As of today, Fabby has over two million downloads.

According to the experts, the deal can be called historic for the Belarusian IT industry. “The precedent was setted, because this is the first time when a Google-level IT company buys a company from Belarus, rather than an intellectual property or an affiliated company in another jurisdiction,” noted Yuri Melnichek, AIMATTER’s co-founder and chairman.

With AIMATTER’s technology, Google will be able to refine its AI system with features including gender detections, face multi-segmentation, and face tracking. AIMATTER has also built other technologies into its system including face warping, style transfer, masks, digital makeup, hair colour change, de-noise, as well as photo and video segmentation.