30 May 2017

A&P will support two social projects presented at Social Weekend hackathon

The final of the Social weekend hackathon 2017 was held on 18th May in Minsk.

Partners at “A&P” Dmitry Matveev and Denis Aleinikov were on a jury at SW9, which members were also other well-known businessmen, representatives of the ministries and civil society organizations.


“Tikota inclusive” project was awarded the Grand Prix and prize of audience recognition. The idea behind the project is about creating of special clothes for persons with disabilities. The Projects also presented at hackathon are following: «Can Be», «Родные люди», «Мама-Папа-Я», «Свае Танцы», «Urban Bear» and etc.

According to the results of the competition “Aleinikov & Partners” law firm will provide two projects with free consultations:

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